Friday, July 5, 2013

A Little Background

Hey!  I know that not many people will read this, but it is still fun for me.
So I started singing when I was really young.  The first memory I have of me singing in front of a big crowd was, i was at a party when I was really little, and I sang for everyone there.  I sang Somewhere Over the Rainbow.  It was a big party, but that's really all I remember, that it was a big one and I was little.
So skipping ahead, I just finished 8th grade.  In 6th grade, I was a lead in the school musical.  I only had two lines, but in middle school, that is considered a lead.  I had a goal to get a script for each year I was in middle school.  I reached my goal.  In my 7th grade play, we did Beauty and the Beast.  I was Mrs. Potts.  That was my first real lead.  I think that the main four characters are, Bell, the Beast, Mrs. Potts, and Lumiere.  So that was amazingly cool to get that big of a part in my 7th grade year.  Usually only the 8th graders get the leads, but that year was different.  Lumiere was also a 7th grader.
The next year, 8th grade, we did Once Upon a Mattress.  The story of the princess and the pea.  I was the lead for that.  Princess Winnifred.  Or as the song go's, FRED!  That was so much fun.  I got to sing some amazing songs.  Really fun.
Sometimes over the summers, I get asked to go to a day camp down by the War Memorial, and I sing for kids that are autistic, or anything like that.  It is amazing to spend time with them, and very fun to sing with them.  They are so sweet and seem to love to listen.  I also will volunteer at SOC and sing and play the piano for the seniors.  That is also very fun.

Alright.  This has been my first post.  I'm hoping to write more, meaning remember that I even have this blog.    Well, bye bye for now.

Keep Singing